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With a pedigree in innovation and engineering, Persistent helps business leaders harness the power of disruptive technology, hone existing processes, and reshape industries.

Can’t deny your super hero identity. You’re a software company :)
Custom Software Engineering

Enterprise customers are starting to employ more software developers than the software development companies themselves.  We get it.  The answers to all the technology issues don’t come from off the shelf software vendors and the net result is that you have to become the answer.  Sometimes you have to build integrations and sometimes it gets even more exciting because you get to build a product.   This is where we can help.  Winners of the largest Hackathon contest in the Globe for 6 years in a row.  Code Gladiators is India’s largest and most prestigious hackathon contest with the best and the brightest from large enterprises to small startups go head to head for the king of the code title.  Persistent’s dominance in the engineering space is un-matched, un-challenged, and irrefutable.  Combine our tech muscle with your tech innovation to deliver significantly faster than you would with a traditional  Services Integrator.

Implementation of system security and safeguarding sensitive data is of prime importance
Security Offerings

The Security Practice Group (SPG) at Persistent Systems provides preemptive end-to-end security strategy consulting, business system assessment, technology recommendations, and remediation, to help our customers stay ahead of security threats. With comprehensive security enablers, we help transform and grow secured businesses across the next generation technologies-Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, and Social.

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Accelerate your roadmap toward universal identity and access management
Enterprise Identity and Access Management

Persistent has been in the business of helping companies with identity management solutions for over a decade. In fact, Persistent was instrumental in the development or expansion of the leading Identity and Access Management suites from most major providers today. This intimate understanding of the underpinnings of market leading solutions translates to rapid time to value for your identity and access management challenges.

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Evolve your processes, alter your course, monetize your assets
Digital Transformation

Everybody knows they want a piece of the Cloud. Everybody knows they want a piece of Big Data. And everybody knows they want to get in on Digital Transformation. But most people aren’t even sure what it really is, what comes out of it, or how to achieve it. Persistent has delivered on the promise of Digital Transformation, helping customers achieve literally BILLIONS in additional revenue through the evolution of their systems. Find out how Persistent can help you cross that divide, to where evolution and business create massive opportunity.

Take a load off and let us manage your Identity Stack
Managed Services

Managed Services You specialize in your line of business. Persistent specializes in the management of identities, access, and governance. Let us enable your users, assign them their roles and responsibilities, and keep your accounts, apps, and data safe, secure, compliant, and running like a top. It’s what we do. We bring your users to your assets, and you do the rest. We don’t run your business, but we help you make it happen.

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We make make your migration from OW to OIM super easy

Oracle Waveset was brought into the red stack with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Many of Persistent’s identity architects, with their years of experience, have worked with Waveset and its many integrations. Persistent has all the right people, tools, and vision to bring Waveset users from their end-of-life platform to the modern cloud and on-premise power of Oracle Identity Manager. Give us the chance to give you that chance.

Migrate scripts, workflows, and objects from Sun Identity

In its day, Sun Identity Manager was a fine product. But its time has faded. It left behind a pile of proprietary scripts and nobody to support them. There are still organizations out there running on it, who haven’t put out the effort or expense of escaping a zombie platform. Persistent has long provided a bridge to the next life, with (official, Oracle-endorsed) migration tools and deep expertise in taking inventory, then moving users, policies, and workflows from SIM. But that migration comes with great opportunity: to examine where you were and where you need to go. Persistent knows, this is your chance to decide what to keep, what to discard, and what to evolve. It’s not just about tools. It’s about vision.

Migrate scripts, workflows, and objects from CA SiteMinder
CA SiteMinder to OAM

CA SiteMinder is a feature rich solution however some customers feel the need to migrate to Oracle Access Manager for various reasons.  These reasons may include integration with an "ever-changing" IT landscape, integration with Web Services, and reducing costs.  Our proven tool helps you with your transition.

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