The Oracle Identity Governance REST API Is Now Available

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Engineered for Reliability

A lot has to go right in the world of IAM. Choosing a REST API created by hardcore engineers allows you to rest easy knowing it will work and will be supported as your environment evolves.

  • Authentication REST APIs

    API’s to Login and Logout the user to the system. Returns the basic authentication code in the response body, which is used to authenticate the user in other API’s

  • Access REST APIs

    Applications and Roles APIs: Set of APIs to list the roles and applications in the system, and the list of users provisioned to them.

  • Approval REST APIs

    Set of APIs to perform different actions on the pending approvals (approve/reject/reassign etc). Also to there are APIs to delete pending approvals and fetch the details.

  • User REST APIs

    Range of API’s to get the list of all the users , search/delete a user, and get the various details of the user like the list of entitlements , his roles , certifications, approvals, requests, accounts , applications, recent activities etc.

  • Certification REST APIs

    This API’s allows to perform actions on certifications like certify, revoke, abstain, reassign and delegate. There are API’s to get the details of the certification and complete the certification.

  • Request REST APIs

    Set of API’s to create new requests for the user, update them, list and track the requests.

  • Entitlements REST APIs

    This are API’s to list the entitlements present in the system and which are provisioned to the users.

  • Self-Registration REST APIs

    This API is to register a new user to the system. Takes users various details as input.

Every OIG Tool You Need
Now Available as a REST endpoint

While extending Oracle Identity Governance platform via the JAVA APIs may be possible, more developers are becoming more familiar with using REST APIs.  In an effort to make our own apps  that live on the Oracle ecosystem, we created a set of REST APIs that made this easier for us.  We'd love to share them with you too.

Supported Platforms

Our REST APIs allow you to extend your environment whether you're on PS1, PS2, or PS3.

Full library for Oracle Identity Governance

REST APIs available for authentication, access, approvals, users, certifications, requests, entitlements, self registration, and more.


Installation Couldn't Be Easier

Why don’t companies like to upgrade? Why do they put off moving to the next version of their CRM or identity package until two or three versions have gone by? Because it ain’t easy. Upgrading is disruptive, painful, and expensive. But Persistent isn’t handing off a burden, we’re providing ENABLEMENT. Our REST APIs and Enhanced UX are designed to empower your business. But you’ll only get out of the gate if we make it easy and intuitive. And that’s what we’ve done. Download, install, and get busy, with minimum effort, and maximum power.

  • Install

    Our installation takes into account the fact that you may have either an Apache Tomcat server or an Oracle WebLogic server. The installation guide helps you go through the respective installations in just a few easy steps.

  • Configure

    Making sure this works in your environment is easy. We provide simple steps to configure the API for your specific webserver implementation.

  • Use

    During post configuration there are some pre-requisites such as deploying required classes. This is specified under Post Deployment pre-requisites. Once done the product is ready to use.

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