Native iOS and Android Apps Built on top of
Oracle Identity Governance

One size does not fit all. Every customer has a different definition of productivity and customer delight. By making the Oracle stack available through a set of REST APIs, we’ve empowered our customers to shape their vision of productivity and usability in ways that fit their organizations and culture best. See an example of how we used the REST API to enhance an organization's customer delight.

Simple, Intuitive, and Functional Native Apps for OIG

See what you need to see, get where you need to go. Beauty and function, enabling admins and empowering users. It's not just authentication. It's about announcing your identity with authority, to whoever and whatever matters, so you can reach your goals.

Security and Convenience
Biometric Authentication using the FIDO standard

FIDO has been widely adopted standard for password-less authentication.  Mobile Authentication App supported on our API platform delivers full capability to register for FIDO password-less authentication and subsequently use it to create industry standard, highly secured, password-less authentication experience.

Looks great, but works even better
Mobile Dashboard

Designed for todays social savvy smart user who wants to see most important things quickly and take actions.  Look at our Recent Activities layout for instance, which resembles Facebook Wall experience.

When you’ve almost got the okay, and you’re on the road
Pending Approvals

Drill down (e.g. on pending approvals), choosing the items of interest (e.g. clubbing multiple approvals together) & performing desired action (e.g. approve/decline), is very simple and intuitive to any smartphone user that requires minimal or no training for a user to learn it.

Requesting access is as simple as shopping online
Request Access

Requesting access had never been so simple, easy and intuitive before.  Look at how efficiently one can reach to the desired resource and just couple of clicks to request access for it.

Find the bottleneck while you’re on the go
Track Requests

No more clicks and double clicks to see actually whats happening to your requests.  After all, all you need is a quick status whether complete or in progress and quick view of the progress made so far on the request.  Look at the power of our app built on our API.

Stamp of approval, for security and compliance

Certifications Even on a desktop, with all the real estate of a full screen, certifications aren’t easy. Most of the time, you only need a few data points to make a decision, although sometimes you need more. But even when you need a little, you typically have to zig-zag around the screen, or even a few tabs, to find it. The Persistent mobile UX for certifications puts the most commonly needed info literally in the palm of your hand. But when you need that little extra, you can get it. And if you’re one of those well-enabled admins, you can even perform bulk certifications, with your phone. Persistent turns certification from a difficult process into an empowering experience.

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