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A Simple, Intuitive, Functional Web Interface for OIG

Inspired by the one app that every single person with a computer knows how to use, Email, this intuitive user interface provides users with a familiar interface to accomplish their daily tasks around managing Approvals, Certifications and Requests for corporate assets. A quick view dashboard provides access to the most important information at a glance allowing users to quickly home in on actions that they need to take making adoption of Identity management a breeze.

Working on your Pending tasks has never been this easy
Pending Approvals

Working on your Pending tasks was never so easy! Find full context information of all requests including a photo image of the requestor along with all details of what corporate resource was requested with a single click.

Looks great, but works even better

Certifications Certifications sound easy. Pull up the name, say “Yeah, he keeps it” or “No, he loses it,” and click Submit. But it’s never, ever that easy. You’re often trolling around for sufficient information to make an informed decision. You might as well be using a spreadsheet and highlighter. And even the most well-intentioned interfaces for doing this digitally do a poor job of putting all the necessary data in front of you, so you can do the right thing. This means zig-zagging across the screen to find the needed data points, or clicking additional tabs. This is where Persistent comes in. We’ve turned a tedious task into a simplified, streamlined experience. We’ve put the most-often-needed items in front of you, and made it oh-so easy to bring up anything additional, so you can turn the task of certifying from weeks or days into minutes. We even enable bulk certifications, for those managers with fewer users and complete familiarity.

Track Requests

It’s not enough to ask people to give you stuff, like access to accounts. Sometimes they get busy, they forget, they start watching TV or go to lunch. Requests don’t get fulfilled. Maybe they need to get further approval. So you need to find out, “Hey, where’s my stuff? I still can’t log into the CRM!” Persistent comes to the rescue, with a beautiful and simplified interface for discovering the status of your requests. If you are so authorized, you can look up other requests for which you might need to intervene. Instead of having to know a particular auto-generated request id (a common failing in these kinds of systems), the Persistent UX allows you to find it based on human-readable info. Armed with this easy-to-find data, you can take the necessary actions to, yes, get your stuff.

Requesting access is as simple as shopping online
Request Access

So many things to ask for, and so little time. Oh, and so little information. It’s hard asking for access to an entitlement, role or resource when you’re not sure what it’s called or what piece of it you’re entitled to. Persistent has the perfect solution for locating, analyzing, and asking for any enterprise resource. Searching is like shopping online. Seriously, it’s that easy. Build a basket of goodies, then ask permission to dig in. You can even make bulk requests. Then hit the button, and your request goes off to whoever has the power to give you those goodies.

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