Need a connector? No need to build it from scratch.
Chances are, we have what you need. Or have us build one for you.

  • REST Connector

    In the explosion of IoT, mobile, and cloud, the standard interface is all about REST. So no use bragging on a generic REST connector. It’s a must have and of course we have it. Plus, these days the whole agent-based endpoint is a dying breed.

  • Azure AD

    Fully comprehensive connectivity for the most popular multi-tenant cloud-based directory.

  • Salesforce

    Manage accounts and access for one of the original cloud services, via our REST connector, which is even more secure than theirs.

  • SCIM Connector

    When you absolutely, positively want to talk SCIM and we couldn’t talk you out of it.

  • Oracle Retail Price Management

    The best standardized connector you can find for RPM.

  • Oracle Retail Management System

    Robust. Safe. Secure.

  • Oracle Transportation Management

    OTM is one of Oracle’s most popular apps, and we’re Oracle’s most popular partner (2016 Security Partner of the Year, in fact). OTM is for companies who hire drivers, and Persistent’s connector puts you in the driver’s seat.

  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management

    Billing and rev management are as critical as it gets. Persistent gets you connected with security and compliance.

  • Oracle Product Information Management

    What information do you need about this product? Our connector gets you hooked up.

  • AMAG Symmetry Physical Badge Connector

    Persistent is all about access, physical and digital. Here, we put the two together.

  • Office 365 with License Management

    Not all Office 365 Connectors are equal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Most Oracle Integrators will simply use the Microsoft Graph API’s and fine, but that’s incomplete. Our 365 connector will include both the integration with the Graph API’s for standard capabilities of user creation, role assignments, etc, and license management which has financial implications of being able to be managed tightly.

  • BOX Connector

    Our friends at Box use standard REST/JSON to interface with their system. Using the Persistent API’s or our REST Connector, we hook up Oracle to work directly into Box to manage users and entitlements. Easy Peasy.

  • ServiceNow Bi-Directional

    Bi-Directional. Bi-Directional. There you go, said it three times. Create users and Create Tickets. Use Oracle to capture data and update ServiceNow or Vice-Versa. Bi-Directional. We have it. Other’s don’t.

  • Intuit QuickBase

    QuickBase is an extraordinarily powerful and flexible database SaaS that enables businesses to reduce their dependence on restricted local spreadsheets and databases, while giving staff the tools to create and manage data apps as they need them. The Persistent QuickBase connector ensures that your QuickBase Apps comply with the regulatory requirements around identity & access management.