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Oracle Identity Governance REST API

Web 2.0 is built on the notion of moving from static to dynamic, and REST APIs are at the heart of the the mobile and social experience.  Exposing the Oracle Identity Platform over RESTful API's opens whole new of capabilities from the obvious user experience opportunities as well as the back-office DevOps opportunities for automation and efficiency.  The world of modern web expects REST.  There's a good chance your organization is already using RESTful APIs today and need Identity RESTful APIs to complete your digital transformation projects.  No need to build your own RESTful API Library for Oracle, we did all the hard work and built the amazing apps on the RESTful API's to prove anything is possible.

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OIG has never been easier
iOS and Android Native Apps for Oracle Identity Governance

The best user experiences in the world interact with data and services.  And yes, you might have the best RESTful API library on planet earth at your disposal, but what if you need that extra nudge, or that extra bit of inspiration to show what the "Art of the Possible" could be, we took some steps to prove to not just you, but to ourselves that we can build the best user experiences on top of Oracle using the RESTful APIs.  We've taken the liberty to build the best mobile app experience in the marketplace today (yes, that sounds bold) and confidently believe you will agree.  Not only is it the best Oracle experience, it is the best experience from any vendor hands down.  Focus groups from one of the best world renowned healthcare companies declared Persistent's Mobile Identity Management Apps as the winner.

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Looks great, but works even better
Gorgeous Interfaces for Oracle Identity Governance

Responsive UI's are revolutionary, they are expected. Expected because with so many combinations, variations, and devices out in the marketplace, a user can own 5 devices all carrying their unique screen size and form-factor, and who wants to have a different experience on all 5 different devices? NOBODY.  Persistent re-imagines Oracle Identity Management inside a new Responsive Web UI to demonstrate core features like My Access, Approvals, Request Access, Certifications, Attestations, Access Search, Password Reset, and more.  No UI in the world is awesome unless it's easily adopted with no training.  Our email-like approach guarantees the best usability and adoptability ever.  There's a reason why Evernote and Outlook are the most widely adopted user interfaces, and the Oracle Responsive Web UI is built on these success principles.

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Extend OIG to the Apple Watch
Finish your work on the go

Wearables and IoT are sensory devices that are typically designed to capture data, but in the case of Security and Identity, the perfect use case is for alerts and notifications.  Also, we believe in the 3 second rule.  If you can perform an action in 3 seconds, it might qualify to be included on a watch.  With Oracle Identity, we decided to push approvals to the watch, and allow you to approve directly on your watch!  If you don't want to do approvals on your watch, do them on your mobile app.  If you don't want to do approvals on your mobile app, do them on your desktop.  The notion of being able to act on security tasks anytime, anywhere, on any device is not just wishful thinking.  It's here today and ready to go.  Give your customers, employees, and partners the option to choose the right experience for them regardless of the device.  Trust us, you'll be a hero.  A super security identity hero.

Scope Based Access Control

Looking for the ultimate solution in Scope Based Access Control?  Persistent Systems are experts in Fine Grain Access Control focused around modern day use cases that need scope management and light weight API entitlements.  Focused on OAuth, we can show you the easiest way to add fine grain authorization to your OAuth deployments.

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Need a connector? Chances are, we have it already
Connectors, Connectors, Connectors

Need to talk to your enterprise apps? To your trusted partners? To your cloud services? Don’t build static, dead-end connectors from scratch. Chances are, we already have just what you need. And if there’s something new you need to explore, let us be your digital diplomat, for provisioning, for signing in, for transporting the right users at the right time to the right place.

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Let us help you get started

Persistent’s architects can build your vision, help you build your own vision (through our accelerators and skill with DevOps), or provide you with development components for a foundation. Dream the dream, then execute on that dream, with the Persistent team.