At the end of June, at the Oracle Partner Summit in Redwood, Persistent Systems was named Oracle’s Security Partner of the Year. I like to take credit, since I filled out the paperwork. In fact, when I got home from the awards trip, I told my wife, “Hey, I got us the Partner of the Year award.”  She said, “That’s great. It’s garbage night. Put the can on the curb.”

But in fact, it was the collective brainpower of our security practice that made it happen. Persistent has built some amazing IP, namely our comprehensive REST APIs for the Oracle security suite, and an enhanced user interface. Not only have our services teams deployed it, we’ve also been empowering other Oracle partners in doing the work. Instead of competing with them, we enable them, for the benefit of the Oracle community. On top of that, we’ve devised some amazing innovations in the area of digital transformation, mobile, and connectivity.

Gartner likes to categorize vendors in a particular industry segment via their Magic Quadrant. It’s four quarters of a square. One axis is Vision, and the other is Ability to Execute. In other words, if you have great ideas but can’t make them happen, you get one flat line. If you have resources but don’t do anything interesting, you get a different flat line. The idea is not to be horizontal or vertical, but rather sloping to that upper-right spot, where you show both foresight and the muscle to pull it off. This is precisely how we got Partner of the Year.

We saw a few different trends at the recent Oracle partner summit. There’s still plenty of mileage in on-premise solutions, and in fact companies in certain industries will still require it, because their regulators won’t allow them to do otherwise. But at the same time, the reality is that the Cloud will increasingly be a part of our lives. And even those organizations that will go Cloud will still have a footprint inside their own perimeter. Hybrid environments are the practical reality.

This is Persistent’s vision. We *know* this reality. It’s why we built that REST API for the Oracle security stack, along with that enhanced GUI, for the purpose of allowing customers to build out a powerful, flexible, and highly integrated identity platform. These tools also allow for constructing a hybrid environment, one in which on-premise solutions mesh seamlessly with the Cloud.

This vision has re-enabled the Oracle product line, and provided all new options to Oracle customers. And it’s real. Not just a handful of API calls. And not a theory. It’s across the board, and it’s in production. We imagined it, and we built it. Vision and execution. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re the Oracle security partner of the year. And it’s why you should get to know us.

Plus, y’know, we’re really cool. Take my word for it.


Jeff Scheidel is a 32-year veteran of the software industry, with more than two decades in security. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill book entitled Designing an IAM Framework with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite.