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The digital world is built on RESTful API’s as a platform to develop unique experiences that go beyond the sum of its parts. 

Digital Identity is no longer just a human thing but an extension of dynamic objects that talk to each other, that can sense each other, that can react to each other to give the best human digital experience ever imagined.

But all this possibility relies on a strong foundation, and never before has digital identity been so important in this mobile and social world where knowing someone well enough enables you to predict their behaviors, both good and bad.

Foundational to all of Oracle’s software both on-premise and cloud, security has fundamentally played a strong role in protecting a user’s identity as he or she traverses a sea of threats, but the same technology that protects an identity also creates a seamless user experience, powering Holy Grail goals like omni-channel, personalization, next best action, and unified experience.

Modern Identity management systems today extend themselves into the digital world by exposing identity services like authentication, authorization, attributes, biometrics as a restful API to allow customers to create the best experience possible without being locked into what the vendor gives them.  Unlock the potential to create integrated, multi-channel, and empowered user experiences across the enterprise and beyond. Register for the OIG REST API, and learn the Art of the Possible.

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